Blueshift Performance and Security Visibility Solution

Defining Network Normal

Dabble Blueshift, a visibility platform providing detailed insight into network security and performance. Blueshift leverages leading edge data analysis and machine learning techniques to  identify issues, trends and anomalous activity across the enterprise.

Regain control of your network by identifying the ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘where’ of network traffic. Blueshift provides a seamless and clear turn-key solution to catch the strange stuff before it effects your users’ experience.

Get a concise view of who is generating traffic on the network. Blueshift identifies traffic by user bypassing the age old problem of trying to track down IP addresses.

Blueshift employs comprehensive application classification to  identify applications that are consuming network bandwidth and gauge their performance.

Get a snapshot of where your users go online and who your applications talk with. Detailed flow analysis allows for detection of strange behaviour or anomalous activity.

Threat and Intrusion Detection

Threat Detection

Dabble Blueshift provides comprehensive threat detection with a integrated signature based intrusion detection module to identify and alert on both internal and external security issues. Combining information of potential security breaches with performance and network flow data delivers a comprehensive view of activity across the network to ensure ongoing network security

Easy Deployment

Appliance or Virtual Deployment

Blueshift is delivered as either a standalone appliance or virtual machine.  Once installed, Blueshift starts collecting and collating data across the entire network scaling from very small single site networks right through to large distributed enterprises spanning hundreds of subnets and tens of thousands devices.

Full Stack Visibility

Application Classification

Dabble Blueshift provides comprehensive visibility of application usage across the enterprise. Complete stack visibility is provided from IP protocol type right through to high level application statistics for both encrypted and unencrypted traffic. Blueshift application classification identifies hundreds of applications as well as allowing for custom application definitions.

Next Generation Monitoring

User Centric Visibility

Presenting data via IP address is like giving a taxi driver lat/long coordinates for your ride home – accurate but largely useless. Unlike traditional visibility tools, Blueshift goes beyond the IP address to present information from user and/or device perspective. User centric monitoring significantly reduces time to diagnose and resolve issues once anomalies are identified.

Comprehensive Coverage

Introducing Bluecast Domain Monitor

Bluecast represents a new concept in visibility to extend coverage to the network extremities with an ultra low cost device.  Bluecast  is a configuration free device installed in remote sites that seamlessly collects information about all connected devices. This provides a valuable source of data enrichment for the Blueshift including connected hosts, user names, transmitting applications and abnormal network changes.

Technnology Partners

Preminent cyber services company providing penetration testing, managed security and consulting.

Qualys is the leading platform for continuous security and compliance monitoring.

Ixia is the market leading provider of network packet broking and test solutions.

Who is Dabble?

Frank Canas

Principal and Director of Security Services, Bachelor Computer Science. Over 20 years’ in the ICT industry providing detailed information security consulting and services.  Frank is an expert in the provision of security posture and maturity services to government agencies and the financial sector.  

David Britt

Principal and Director Product Development, Grad Cert Business Admin. Over 20 years’ experience in software development and implementation of network visibility and monitoring solutions.  Dave is an expert is building innovative products in the area of cyber security and network visibility.

Stephen Urquhart

Principal and Director Sales and Marketing, Bachelor Economics. Over 20 years’ experience in sales and delivery of ICT solutions. Steve has founded and run a successful performance management start up and is actively involved in developing solutions in the Cyber Security area.

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