Dabble Bluecast – Visibility for Remote Sites

Network performance is only as good as the slowest performing link in the network. Poor performance on the ‘last mile’ links to branches are often the cause of degraded user experience when using the network.

Modern network architectures are complex, often times with no central point available to gain visibility of the entire enterprise. Similarly, network infrastructure is commonly maintained by a carriers or service providers with limited access to gather detailed performance information.

Put simply, remote sites present a significant blind spot for visibility in most enterprises.

Dabble Bluecast is a lightweight, low cost, IoT style appliance that plugs the visibility gap at remote sites.

Bluecast Benefits at a Glance 


Complete Site Visibility


Identify Performance Issues


Reduce Time to Resolve Problems


Identify Hosts and Users


Analysis and Diagnostic Tools

Bluecast Let’s You Regain Control

Bluecast is part of the Dabble Blueshift family which provides scalable visibility and security monitoring solutions for organisations ranging from SME through to large enterprise.

Bluecast is a complete performance monitoring appliance designed specifically to plug the visibility black spots that exist at branch and remote sites. Dabble has taken advantage of latest IoT technology to be able to implement a full visibility solution in a small footprint and affordable device. 

The distributed nature of remote sites requires simple ‘lights out’ installation, Bluecast is designed to for easy installation without the need to dispatch technical resources to site. Bluecast monitors all traffic to and from a branch by connecting to a switch mirror port or tap. Alternatively Bluecast can also be deployed inline making installation as simple as plugging in the appliance.

Bluecast Models 

There are two models of Bluecast appliances to meet the specific requirements of remote branch networks, Bluecast Branch and Bluecast Domain. Whilst both Bluecast Branch and Bluecast Domain can be run as standalaone devices, full value is achieved when deployed as part of a distributed Blueshift solution.

Bluecast Branch is designed for full remote site visibility. Bluecast Branch runs a stripped down version of Blueshift code providing full performance visibility and historical reporting of remote site traffic. The Bluecast Branch provides the highest level of visibility for branch networks and is also suitable for full monitoring of small organisations.

Bluecast Domain provides host identification and diagnostic tools typically for use with a distributed Blueshift solution. Bluecast Domain augments a traditional Blueshift implementation providing data enrichment such as host identification for centralised network performance and security data. Blueshift Domain also supports the full range of diagnostic capabilities including the real time monitor and packet capture.


Bluecast Domain Bluecast Branch
Stand alone operation
Integration with Blueshift
Inline deployment
Web interface
Packet capture
Real time monitor
Performance dashboard x
Location dashboard x
Historical reporting x
Subnet monitoring x √  (max 4)
Application classification x