Take a quick peek into my world, well at least my household Internet habits…

Like many of us, I am now pretty much working from home, relying on the whims of Internet bandwidth for connectivity. Frustrated with jittery teleconferences and slow downloads, I installed a Bluecast box at home to get a detailed understanding of network performance. The new release stores data in the cloud (think SAAS) with the Bluecast appliance now able to be installed inline between your router and net connection.

Take a look here (https://chrepranmel01.counterhack.com.au) for a look at the latest features. Use credentials demo/blueshiftdemo for access … and if you do logon for a look right into my house, please leave comments below (but also, please refrain from judging my browsing history)!

Of course, let me know if you need a unit for yourself .. we are making Bluecast available at a special discounted price for the foreseeable future whilst we deal with these strange times.