“Organisations are not adequately focusing on monitoring networks and detecting potentially malicious activity”

Australian Cyber Security Centre, 2016 Cyber Security Survey

Dabble understand that traditional approaches to cyber security fail to mitigate the risks of the emerging threat landscape. The Dabble team have adopted a multi faceted solution, combining the disciplines of network security and network performance visibility into a comprehensive range of services to deliver complete managed security and visibility.

No single mitigation strategy or control is guaranteed to prevent cyber security incidents. As such, Dabble provide expertise across a broad spectrum of security solutions including:

  • Security Strategy and Governance
  • Vulnerability and Patch Management
  • User Awareness and Phishing Simulations
  • Traffic Profiling and Visibility
  • Active Security and Penetration Testing

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The new security landscape in Australia in 2016….

The challenge of maintaining information security continues to evolve in Australia. A broader threat landscape presenting more and varied malicious activity ranging from online vandalism through to theft of commercially sensitive information. Even over the last few months we have experienced  significant and high profile attacks such as WannaCry, which are unique in as much as they are spreading wider and faster than previous attacks.

Malware continues to proliferate with cybersecurity researchers estimating that worldwide criminals made over $US1 billion ($1.3 billion) through ransomware attacks, with victims ranging from the chief executives of Fortune 500 companies to mum-and-dad businesses and private individuals.

And that is not to mention other significant forms of cyber attack such as denial of service, spear phishing, social engineering and web seeding (amongst others).


Organisations that suffered an attempted or successful security compromise


Organisations that experienced a successful security compromise


Organisations that received email phishing or social engineering fraud attempt

Keeping pace with the ever changing threat landscape to maintain the integrity of your information technology environment requires a multi faceted approach. Whilst perimeter security will continue to be an important part of any security architecture, increasing vigilance must also be focused on internal vulnerabilities. It is no longer sufficient to believe that your network wont be compromised, to provide the highest level of protection it is critical to adopt a coordinated strategy including comprehensive patch management and user awareness education.

There have also been important changes with respect to reporting and compliance in Australia with the enacting of the Notifiable Data Breaches Act in February of this year. This legislation requires mandatory reporting in the event of a security breach or data loss. The legislation applies to all Australian companies that are covered by the Privacy Act or have turnover greater than $3 million.

Information security is certainly a hot topic in the press right now, it is a hot topic because organisations are suffering real and significant financial and reputational loss due to the ongoing proliferation of malicious activity online.

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